Note 16: Poul Carit Andersen: Life is a circus. A book about Storm P. and his time, p. 198. - The Copenhagen branch of Th. S. Hermansen's film company and film laboratory in Aarhus, "Fotorama", was first housed on Amagertorv 33, but later moved to the newly built building on Nygade 3, where the cinema Alexandra-Teatret was located in the years 1924-42. The latter year, Alexandra moved into a new building on the corner of Gl. Torv and Nørregade. The building in Nygade 3, where the former Alexandra cinema reopened in 1958 under the name Nygade Teatret, was then bought and owned by Preben Philipsen and Henning Karmark, who in addition to the cinema had also reopened the film laboratory on the top floor, which the film company UFA ran during the Occupation. But for the sake of Hjalmar Davidsen and his Alexandra Theater, so far no definite feature films have been shown in the Nygade cinema. They therefore managed to show travel films with accompanying lectures, which in this case were actually given by the actress Else Jarlbak (1911-63). But it only went really well when the first nudist film was shown, which had been allowed by the strict State Film Censorship, which on behalf of the cinema-goers guarded that the official moral code was not violated. Incidentally, it was at that time Denmark's great actress Bodil Ipsen (1889-1964), who after some years having been a licensee for the Odeon cinema on Fælledvej in Nørrebro, after his brand transferred the license to apply to Nygade Teatret. Here she opened the cinema on November 7, 1958 with the Danny Kaye film "Me and the Colonel". Bodil Ipsen ran the cinema until his death in November 1964. Source: Filmen i Danmark, pp. 360-363, 361.

Relating to. Storm P.'s first cartoon, which he refers to in the diary note as "The Three Little Men", it is possible that - as stated by Niels Plaschke - it may be "The Island".