Note 20: Niels Plaschke, cited website, see under Storm P. Lars Jakobsen, cited work, pp. 24-26, 24, 25, 26. - It is not entirely correct when Jens Bing, cited work, p. 8, believes that Storm P. only started producing cartoons after returning from America. Probably for the purpose of his impending trip to America, Storm P. had made his first cartoon, "The Three Little Men - The Island", a few months before departure. This has later been confirmed by Jens Bing during a telephone conversation on 14.12.2005. You can also read about Storm P.'s relationship with Dethlef Jürgensen in Jens Bing's introduction to the Kunstmuseet Køge Sketch Collection's exhibition etc. Oct 17 to Nov. 9,1986.